Business Opportunities in Online Clothing

There are many business opportunities to choose from when one is considering starting an online store. However, an online clothing store presents a myriad of options which are not as forthcoming with most of the other industries.   Admittedly, this business module can seem saturated at a glance. The number of online clothing stores is staggering. However, the industry is so vast, with numerous niches, that it is nearly impossible to satisfy all of them let alone saturate the industry. If you have never tried selling online, you can use Shopify to give it a try!

On the contrary, this can be argued and seen as an indicator of a robust and ripe market waiting to be taken advantage of. It is safe to say that the online clothing stores have barely scratched the market’s surface. 

  • Why consider an online store for your clothing business?
    With the increase of online shoppers, unique branding or re-branding opportunities and low overhead costs, an online clothing store is a financially sound choice. .
  • Shoppers have increasingly become price savvy. When a dress or T-shirt in a physical store catches their eye, they tend to search for a similar item online to see if they can find it for a better price. Where shoppers initially had misgivings about using their credit cards to purchase items online, that has drastically changed owing to online platforms that provide proven security.
  • Consider options like Clickbank which is used by top brands because of their reliability and trusted processes. These safe practices have customer trends shifting from shopping online as an alternative to shopping online as a preference.
  • Benefits of starting online clothing store
    A quick study shows that;
  • Ages 18-45 are leading the chart on clothing and clothing accessories purchases
    • Age 25-35 lead the chart in mobile phone usage for clothing purchases, reading reviews, comparing prices and engaging with stores on social media
    The above statistics reveal priceless information that coupled with the right product, branding and digital marketing strategy is turn-key to the success of an online clothing store
    It is important to understand that the Average Customer Value (ACV) of this demographic is much higher. With strong branding, quality clothing products, and immaculate customer service, an online clothing store stands a great chance of capturing a majority of this younger demographic who have a higher life time buying value.
  • Niche markets
    The beauty of the clothing industry is the vastness of the playing field. There are several genres you could specialize in or incorporate into your overall inventory that can serve niche markets and also differentiate your store from the rest. .
    Some existing clothing niches to be considered further include but are not limited to;
    • Kids wear
    • Women wear
    • Big and Tall wear
    • New born and maternity wear
    • African themed wear
    • Clothing accessories

Low over heads

Anyone can open an online store because the over heads are low in comparison to the prohibitive overhead costs of operating a brick and motor store. Depending on the size of your operation, the number of employees required can be minimal.

When considering whom to employ, at the top on the list should be a photographer, web developer and a dispatch rider for same town deliveries. If your outfit is global, a platform that integrates shipping will get the job done. You would also need a sizeable ware house depending on the size of your inventory for storage. Your apartment or a warehouse in a cheaper area of town with good security can serve the purpose.

3. Ready to go platforms

Opening an online store has been simplified now more than ever. With platforms like Shopify or Big Commerce, you can now open your online clothing store at the drop of a hat.

The mentioned platforms come equipped with excellent support and services that encompass hosting and payment integration. Even for those who aren’t technical, there’s nothing to worry about because the technical stuff has been taken care of on the ready to go platforms.


The above benefits that e-commerce presents, coupled with favorable demographics, do make a strong case for an online clothing store as a business.

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